WPF Pixel Ruler - Project Description
Simple WPF Pixel ruler, that can be added around any control.

I spent few days in the internet for looking to the appropriate Ruler control to my WPF project.
However, I didn't find any working material. So I picked JawiWPF/WPFRuler and applied some modifications for having one cool wpf ruler.

Draw Vertical Ruler, Auto resized

<my:PixelRuler AutoSize="True" />

Draw Vertical Ruler, Fixed width

<my:PixelRuler Length="300" />

Draw Vertical Ruler, Changed steps

<my:PixelRuler AutoSize="True" SmallStep="10" Step="50" />

Draw Horizontal Ruler, Auto resized
<my:PixelRuler AutoSize="True">
       <RotateTransform Angle="90" />

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